Data Evaluation Learning Technology Analysis


Driving a culture of data driven governance

Exploring technology-backed models of data collection, visualization, triangulation, analysis and hosting of open data platforms to support evidence-based decision making.



Data Collection

Village survey

Infrastructure, Land, Agriculture, Connectivity, Health, Communication facilities.

Anganwadi survey

Human Resources, Infrastructure, Facilities, Beneficiary details.

School survey

RTE Act compliance, Infrastructure details.

Health facility survey

Availability of services, Infrastructure, Facilities, Coverage of beneficiaries.

Household & Individual survey

Demographic details, Occupation, Education, Economical status, Availability of State schemes, Agriculture, Health, Migration details.



The data collected is displayed in an easy to understand format which enables the user to gain insights and take decisions. The dashboard, much like a vehicular dashboard, helps in visually representing the collected data and monitoring changes on a real-time basis.


Village Development Plan (VDP)

Based on the data that is collected, VDPs are prepared and its appropriate prioritisation through the Gram Sabha is done with subsequent tracking of the plan implementation. To bring in community involvement and ownership, the DELTA Plus Program was introduced. The DELTA Plus Program ensures delivery of services to target groups, and the engagement of the community in monitoring the progress of the implementation plan. This leads to the community being the primary stakeholder/influencer in their development planning.